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This is for one (1) single strap band, custom made in the print, size and options of your choice.  Strap bands, like our belly bands, are diapers for MALE dogs.  These are just like our basic belly bands, but they have an adjustable chest strap to keep the band in place.  Just place an adhesive sanitary pad inside of the band and wrap it around your dog's waist. When he lifts his leg, he will urinate into the pad instead of on your carpet or furniture. The belly bands are completely washable, so you can re-use them over and over again. Just replace the sanitary pad inside when he wets it.



A) What LENGTH do you need? Measure his waist all the way around at the widest part where the band will be worn, without overlapping the tape measure.  Order his exact measurement.  For example - if he measures 16" around, then order size 16" for the LENGTH.  We will add a few inches to allow for the velcro overlap.

B) How WIDE do you need the band?  Measure your dog between his front & back legs, and decide how wide you want the band to be.  For example, if your dog measures 9" between his front & back legs, you can choose any width you want up to 9".  We only make bands as wide as 10", as that is typically more than sufficient for most breeds.

C)  What length do you want the chest strap?  Measure his neck all the way around without overlapping the tape measure, and add at least 10".  The strap does not have to be tight against his neck or chest, it can be loose!  It is just there to keep the band from slipping off of his body.  You would rather the strap be too long than too short, because it can be adjusted. Tip:  If the strap is too long, you can cut it down and melt the end with a lighter or match to keep it from fraying.

D) Buckle type & size:  (All buckles are adjustable)

  • #1) 1" low-profile, cam-style buckle with 1" strap.  You have to thread the strap through the buckle and press down to lock it in.
  • #2) 1" regular buckle with 1" strap.
  • #3) 1/2" regular buckle with 1/2" strap.



E) Single or Double Velcro?  All of our velcro is pre-cut to 3" long by 2" wide pieces.  You can choose if you want single or double velcro on most bands. We recommend double velcro on bands that are at least 5" wide.  All velcro pieces are placed lengthwise and centered.


Be sure to physically measure your dog and order accordingly.  All of our strap bands are custom made to order and are NOT returnable.

All of our belly band fabrics are 100% cotton flannel.  They are not pre-shrunk and will shrink about 1/2" total after the first couple of washes.  However, this does also depend on your water and detergent you use.  Some may see shrinkage up to 1".  Please keep this in mind when ordering.

2 Reviews

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    Wonderful Product!

    Posted by Remy on Sep 20th 2018

    These strap bands have changed our lives. Our rescue dog runs free around the home while wearing his comfortable strap band, and he looks adorable in the different prints! The quality of these bands are amazing, and wash after wash, they continue to look and work wonderfully. I am so glad that I found this company--I've been buying bands through here for years! (All are still usable, I just like to switch up the fabrics!)

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    strap bands

    Posted by Cynthia Larry on Sep 12th 2018

    perfect fit, love the quality fabric, this strap band seems better than the ones from a couple of years ago, it doesn't slip. I haven't washed it yet, so not sure about shrinkage.