Strap Bands (Belly band with chest strap)

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Strap Bands - dog belly bands with a chest strap!

To see fabric choices, click the drop-down list for "Fabric Choice" above and a large image for each fabric will appear in the images as you click through them.


One (1) single strap band custom made in the size, width and fabric of your choice.  Strap bands are diapers for male dogs.  They are just like our belly bands, but have a chest strap to keep your dog from wriggling out.  These can also be made wider than our regular bands.  Just place an adhesive sanitary pad inside of the band and wrap it around your dog's waist.  When he lifts his leg, he will urinate into the pad instead of on your carpet or furniture.  The belly bands are completely washable, so you can re-use them over and over again.  Just replace the sanitary pad inside when he wets it.

What LENGTH do you need? Measure his waist around the WIDEST part where the belly band will be worn.  If his waist measures 13", but you are ordering a wider band that will go up to his rib cage, and his rib cage measures 15", then use the chart to fit a 15" waisted dog.  

How WIDE do you want the band to be?  Stand your dog up, and measure the length between his front legs and back legs.   Choose how wide you want the band to be.  The dog in our photo measured 7" between his front & back legs, so we chose a 6" band for him. 

What length do you want the neck strap?  IF you are choosing a neck strap, we recommend measuring the distance from where you want the band to start 9based on your width measurement above, measure around his chest/neck, and back around to where the band will be around him.  or, you can estimate by measuring his neck all the way around and add 10".  You would rather the strap be too long than too short, because it can be adjusted.  Tip:  If the strap is too long, you can cut it down and melt the end with a lighter or match to keep it from fraying.

Strap bands are fully custom made and are NOT returnable, so please measure carefully!


  • Made out of 100% cotton flannel material and is 2-ply of the fabric you choose.

  • No bulky batting inside the band.

  • Has 2" x 3" strips of velcro on each end of the band for closure and adjustability. 

  • Adjustable chest/neck strap is made of lightweight nylon webbing.

  • Your choice of clip size and style for the strap (see photo above)

  • Machine wash, machine dry (may shrink up to 1" after being washed).

  • Our strap bands are elastic-free!  No pinching or discomfort to your dog.

  • Over 70+ fabric prints and colors to choose from.

If you want us to rush the IN-HOUSE processing, this fee is PER BAND.  Our belly bands are all custom made to order, so you are paying for us to complete your order within this time frame of 2 days or 4 days.  You will still choose your shipping method at checkout.

Be sure to physically measure your dog and order according to the chart above.

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  • 5
    Strap Band

    Posted by Connie on Jan 2nd 2018

    This is my second band I have purchased for my Snorkie. Wish I would have purchased my first one sooner, would have saved my flooring. Tried other bands that he would just wiggle out of. I can honestly say Digger has only soiled this band once in 5 years. He doesn't mind wearing it, has become a part of our daily routine when we leave for the day. Highly recommend if you have issues with your pup making messes and squirming out of the wraps

  • 5
    Strap Band

    Posted by Donna Lee on Sep 28th 2017

    Love it. Have 11 year old JRT that marks everything just because he can. Traditional belly bands were just something he made a game out of wiggling out of. This is foolproof exceptionalism that I got the camobuckle and I won't do that on the next because it doesn't stay closed all the time if I don't take a lot of care to be sure it is secure. In the future, when I order another, I will get the standard snap buckle.

  • 5
    Strap belly bands

    Posted by Fred's Mom on Jul 31st 2017

    These belly bands are very well made. My elderly Yorkie was able to wiggle his way out of any belly bands that I put on him. BUT NOT THESE!

  • 5
    Strap Bands (Belly Band with Chest Strap)

    Posted by Cindie on Feb 27th 2017

    This product has been so helpful for my family. We have been using these for our sixteen-year-old blind silky terrier for a couple of years. I am handicapped and can't let him outside, and the belly bands are saving our floors. The chest strap has been a necessary addition, keeping him from wiggling out of the band.

  • 5
    I love these belly bands!

    Posted by Debbie Glass on Jan 10th 2017

    The boy belly bands with straps are the best bands I have ever had. I have min pins and they always seem to wiggle out of the other brands. The perfect fit guarantee is well worth purchasing! I will be ordering more bands soon.

  • 5
    Wish we found these bands sooner

    Posted by Rebecca Farrell on Nov 27th 2016

    We have a 14 year old Jack Russell terrier who has always went outside and now once in a while messes in the house.Little guy feels bad about it. tried a few other styles but he can get out of them. Got the strap band and never gets out. He likes it and is comfortable for him...

  • 5
    Love these Belly Bands!

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 7th 2016

    These belly bands 100% fixed the problem we were having with our dog marking in the house. He loves his band and appears to be comfortable in it. I highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling with a dog peeing in the house! The strap helps the band stay on better than the disposable wraps and that is exactly what we needed! It was becoming a nightmare constantly having to clean up pee everywhere in our house I'm so thankful I found these belly bands.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 29th 2016

    I am very happy with the belly band for my dog it works great my dog has issues controlling his bladder and is just what I needed for him.

  • 4
    my thoughts.

    Posted by Roxanne Coleman on Sep 17th 2016

    This is my second time to order. My mistake the first time as I did not understand the measuring properly. This time I tried to do better. First time, I tried both "locks" on the strap, after some wear and washing, the camp one kept coming undone. This time somehow my doxie managed to get the strap off the one that's fits best. I don't know how he did it. The material is different also, the plain gray is thicker than the plain weiner dog print. I like the thinner materials better. My dog still manages to leak around the edges so I wish you had an outside layer that was nylon. But if it didn't have your strap, he wouldn't have it on at all!

  • 5
    Best Belly Bands Ever

    Posted by Pamh on Sep 16th 2016

    These bands are so reasonably priced and beautifully made. I use them for my handicapped Shih Tzu. Regular belly bands just slide off his body. This band design with the neck strap has been a live saver. I am thrilled with this product. It's the best.

  • 5
    The carpet in my rental is SAFE!

    Posted by Carol on Sep 15th 2016

    We rent our home. We have a leaky chihuahua. Sneaky little devil could worm his way out of any band we tried. Thanks to the strap bands, we don't have any more trouble!

  • 5
    no more scolding

    Posted by barb on Aug 30th 2016

    After using these for my senior rescue Odie, I'd started having problems with with Shih Tzu, Marshall. He was having "accidents" as a response to being left alone. I didn't want to keep scoulding him. And didn't want him ruining my new rugs, so problem solved, ordered a few belly bands. I find when they where the bands, I don't even need to put pads inside. They prefer not to mess in them! Great product. A lifesaver!