Measuring your Dog

Not sure if you need a belly band or a strap band?  Or not sure what the difference is? 
Hopefully this video will help.


One of our most commonly asked questions, is “How do I measure my dog?”.

It’s very simple.  You will just need a tape measure.



FOR BAND SIZE:  For Belly Bands & Strap Bands, you will need to measure your dog’s waist all the way around where the band will be worn, without overlapping the tape measure. Measure the WIDEST part where you want the belly band to be worn.  So if you want an extra wide band, measure the widest part you want covered.


FOR WIDTH MEASUREMENT:  For Belly Bands & Strap Bands, measure the length between his front legs & back legs.  You do not want the width of the band to be wider than this measurement.  For example, if he measures 8″ between front & back legs, do NOT go over 8″ wide, or the band will be too wide for him.


make sure you measure the WIDEST part that you want coverage, and use this measurement to order his correct size.  If his waist measures 12″, but you want full coverage and his chest measures 15″, you will want to order a band based on the 15″ measurement.


you will need to know your dog’s neck measurement for the strap length.  So just measure his neck all the way around, where his collar is worn.  Add approximately 10″ and order the strap length closest to that measurement.

This is our size chart for BELLY BANDS.  For STRAP BANDS, you will use the widest width and search for that measurement in the 2nd column below.  For example, if your dog’s waist measures 13″, but his chest measures 15″, you will want to use the 15″ measurement in the 2nd column below.  So you would order the size Small.  For Strap Bands and Extra-Wide Bands, you can choose your own width up to 10″ wide.   The total completed length will still be correct as shown in the chart below.